Now is the time to act!

HTC has now promised to review their bootloader policy. This does not mean opening up to our community. This means exactly what it says: just a review.

We have to make our collective voice heard loudly and heard often. We want to draw as much positive attention to ourselves as possible, while this issue is under review.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Help

How can you help us? By contacting HTC in every way possible. We encourage you to be polite and firm.

Snailmail is our most preferred method, as it takes the most time for HTC to address, but if you won't or can't mail them a letter please email them and post on their Facebook face.

You can find a sample letter here. Remember, personalizing your letter will make it more meaningful to HTC.

Snail Mail (Preferred, takes more time for HTC to address):

HTC America
13920 SE Eastgate Way, Suite 400
Bellevue, Washington 98005

HTC Europe Co. Ltd
7th Floor
Thames Central
Hatfield Road
Slough SL1 1QE
United Kindgom

eMail: (Please, please please be extremely polite, rude emails will hurt us!)
General Support:

Jon Maron (Vice President of Marketing, Americas at HTC)

Keith Nowak (Senior Public Relations Manager at HTC)

Petition (Please sign it)

Facebook (Not to shabby, post our letter here!)

Twitter (all but useless):

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  1. I found this on Engadget:

    Express your feelings by contacting HTC. Senior Director Enterprise Business Unit Americas Chairman Chief Marketing Officer, HTC Corporation Senior Public Relations Manager at HTC 425-679-5328 COO of HTC Board Member of HTC CEO VP HTC Chief Innovation Officer

    Brent Groome, Chief Executive-Customer Operations, at 843-369-8393 or