Now is the time to act!

HTC has now promised to review their bootloader policy. This does not mean opening up to our community. This means exactly what it says: just a review.

We have to make our collective voice heard loudly and heard often. We want to draw as much positive attention to ourselves as possible, while this issue is under review.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Example Form Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It has came to my attention that HTC will be reviewing their bootloader policy. I hope that you side with the independent developers, and open up your Android products to third parties. Locking your bootloaders undermines the spirit of open source, and pushes developers to other manufacturers.

HTC and Android grew, and grew quickly because of the support of the open source community. We are the ones that send you detailed bug reports, we are the ones that submit patches to the Android Open Source Project, we are the ones that built the base you work off of and more importantly we are the ones that buy your products.

By continuing to lock your devices down, you are alienating the very community that supports you most of all. You are preventing us from learning, from improving, and from enjoying Android. What you have done is against the spirit of Android and the vision Google had.

You were once known as the developer-friendly OEM, and now you are referred to as Motorola's little brother. Please stop locking your bootloaders, and give the independent developers a legitmate way to continue their work.

A suitable compromise would be to follow in the path of your Nexus One. Allow unlocking of the device, but mark it as such once it has been unlocked, so you know if it has been altered. Doing so would also remove the need for dangerous exploits to be written, which while they give us the access we want, exposes all of your users to dangerous malware.

Until you allow us greater access to the devices we own, I promise to purchase no more HTC products.

An HTC Enthusiast


  1. Nice, sent an email right away...

  2. great idea. if htc lock the development, i dont buy! no more

  3. htc is the master to other handset i like and totally support for the htc buy here